School shall remain closed on Wednesday, 17th July on account of Muharram. The school will reopen as usual on Thursday 18th July'24.     More we trade achievements not failures, values not needs. We are free of one another , yet we all grow together.
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Manav Sthali Global School believes that in today’s scenario, the need of the hour is to bring about a revolution in the field of education, to create an enjoyable, stress free environment facilitating learning through a Progressive Learning Programme- where each child is able to hone individual skills as per his/her inherent talent, be it agriculture, fashion designing or astronomy. The objective is self-sufficiency and self-reliance which will, in the long run lead to an established economy. The children growing up in today’s world are tomorrow’s future. They are also individuals today, with hopes, fears, needs, aspirations and rights, “To help ensure that both the present and the future is brighter for our children, there are many important steps we as a community must take”. This can be achieved by providing a platform to the students where they learn different disciplines through well – planned activities, presentations and projects. It is also very essential that strong moral values are imbibed by students for their proper growth and development and they become valued members of the society which they can strive to make better with their individual contribution.