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Inter and Intra class competitions

Competitions play an important role in motivating students to perform & excel in various fields.Children gain substantial experience , showcase skills and it enhances their personal aptitude.


In an ardent display of an exhilarating journey celebrating athleticism and camaraderie, Manav Sthali Global School (MSGS) orchestrated a resplendent celebration in honour of National Sports Day on 29th August, 2023. The occasion, which marks the birth anniversary of the legendary Indian hockey player Major Dhyan Chand, was celebrated with an unparalleled enthusiasm and reverence for sports and physical fitness. The school’s sprawling grounds resonated with the jubilant cheers of students, encapsulating the essence of a sporting legacy.

The school precincts bore witness to a rich tapestry of games that catered to students of all ages and interests. From the graceful artistry of skating and the elegant finesse of badminton to the meticulous precision of basketball, the sporting spectrum offered a diverse range of involvements. Amidst the pulsating intensity of hockey matches and the delicate finesse of table tennis duels, students found themselves immersed in a world where strength and skill merged seamlessly. Even the Pre-Primary students were not left untouched by the sporting spirit. Engaging them in activities such as the station race and other adventurous delights, they revelled in the joy of movement and competition. It was a pleasure to witness every child, regardless of age or skill level, embracing each game and activity with unbridled enthusiasm. These remarkable displays served as a persuasive evidence to the profound reservoirs of talent.

In the spirit of Major Dhyan Chand’s indomitable spirit and unparalleled sports skill, students embraced victories with humility and met challenges with unwavering resolve, epitomizing the very spirit of sportsmanship.

Beyond the accolades and laurels, this day encapsulated the embodiment of values that transcend the sporting arena, instilling in every student the virtues of discipline, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.



In a wondrous display of imagination and creativity, students of Manav Sthali Global School, took a giant leap into the world of space exploration through a Stamp Designing Activity centered on India’s achievements in space. The young minds of Class V showcased their artistic abilities and enthusiasm for space exploration, leaving an abiding influence on their quest of knowledge.

This activity, organized by the Art & Science Departments of the school, aimed to foster a deeper understanding of India’s notable contributions to Space Science amongst the students. It also enthused them to appreciate the importance of space missions and the hard work put in by all the scientists and engineers. The students thoroughly researched and studied India’s space missions, starting from the early days of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to the recent successes like the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) and Chandrayaan Missions, and various other satellite launches. They grasped the significance of these missions for India and the World, making certain their designs reflected the pride and achievements of the nation

The excitement was palpable as they immersed themselves in the creative process. The young artists infused their stamp designs with imagery depicting India’s iconic space launch vehicles, space stations, satellites, and memorable moments from key missions. Vibrant colours and intricate details adorned their creations, illustrating the deep passion they held for space exploration.

This pursuit of stamp designing served as an interactive educational experience. The students explained the significance of each stamp and the stories behind their creation. This helped them develop public speaking skills and enhanced their knowledge of India’s space program.

By and large this activity reinforced the idea amongst our future space explorers that they are an integral part of a nation that aspires to reach for the stars.

Debate – Reflection of Words

Manav Sthali Global School believes that debate competitions act as a testimonial to the oratorical prowess of the students and also offering a creative room to express what they feel. Keeping in sync with the belief an intra-class debate competition, ‘Reflection of Words’ was organised for the students of class VII on Tuesday, 7th February, 2023.

The competition was divided into several rounds: Presentation Round, Rebuttal Round and Judges Round with each class representing as team – Orators, Preachers, Defenders and Brainiacs. The students demonstrated their eloquent debating skills and expressed their views on various contentious issues such as – Can Artificial Intelligence replace Job Opportunities? Can Strict Traffic Laws prevent Accidents? Social Media affects Mental health and Education is the key to future success.

Each team was well-prepared and articulated their thoughts succinctly. They displayed remarkable poise and confidence and kept the audience captivated with their insightful line of reasoning and the difference of opinion.

 The team – Brainiacs emerged as the winner who displayed exceptional oratorical skills and had presented their viewpoints and refutations with great conviction. The competition was a resounding success that provided a wonderful opportunity for the students to foster their debating skills and expand their horizons. It left a lasting impact on the students and inspired them to strive for excellence in their future endeavours.


Quiz activities help imprint knowledge in students’ minds, laying the groundwork for the next learning phase. With the aim of offering children an opportunity to engage in team quizzing, self assessment and spur brainstorming amongst them, Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, organised an intra class computer quiz – ‘TERABYTE’ for Class VII on 07.12.22 that allowed the students to bask in the quizzing limelight of computer science, while representing their respective teams – Robot Manav, Robot Mitro, Robot Indro and Robot Daksh.

An exciting quiz that spanned to traverse a wide range of topics taken from the realm of Information Technology, artificial Intelligence to data processing and cybernetics comprised of four main rounds namely – The General Round, Rapid Fire, Buzzer Round and The Final Audio-Visual Round. The young ingenious finalists showcased their brilliance by rapidly answering the questions with great confidence. The winners of the team ‘Robot Daksh’ emerged victorious and were presented with certificates based on the criterion of the total scores attained at the end of the quiz.

The accolades go out for all the champions who gave their best as they demonstrated their knowledge and skills as potential bonafide quiz masters.

The quiz became an enriching and elevating experience for the students and teachers alike.


MSGS students of International Curriculum participated in Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition.

Our Winners-
III Position
Class I- Ms.Kehkashaa Dhingra
Consolation Prize
Class I – Mst.Manvik Chopra

Participant Certificates

Class Nursery-
1.Ms.Fiya Goel
2.Ms.Gurbani Pasricha

Class Prep –
1. Ms.Anaisha Agarwal
2.Mst.Avyan Mittal

Ad Lib 2022

Manav Sthali Global School organized Ad- Lib 2022, Extempore Competition for the students of class VI. The students were given three wide themes to prepare from; Space, Environment and Reading Habits. The intent was to enhance their oratory skills and developing the habit of keeping themselves well informed so that they are able to speak spontaneously. All the students participated in the first round. Final round was conducted for the shortlisted students of all the sections. The final result was declared by assessing the students on various parameters like content, articulation, pronunciation and presentation. Arnav Bisht bagged the first position and Shourya Jain and Ananya Chellaramani were on second and third position respectively. It was a great learning experience for all the students.      

Readathon ’22- A Reading Challenge

The lure of television and video games is driving children away from books. To promote and inspire reading habit among the children, an English Reading Competition was organized by Manav Sthali Global School on 21.09.22. The competition was organized for all students of Classes IV and V. Students were required to study a specific piece on discipline and the value of reading as part of their preparation for the competition.All Students from classes IV and V participated in the Reading Competition . The reading abilities were judged on the basis of pronunciation, eloquence, diction and presence on stage. All winners were awarded the certificates . The Reading Competition is a part of Manav Sthali Global School’s constant endeavours to engage and enrich the students in disciplines that go beyond just academics and school education. The long term objective is to imbibe an infinite quest of knowledge in our children.


Manav Sthali Global School has always opted for novel and creative ideas that help in arousing curiosity in the minds of the children thus, empowering them to think out of the box through experiential learning amalgamated with hands on opportunities. Sports Excellence is one of the vital offerings at MSGS to help children build up stamina and excel in some sport or the other. The use of Chess as an educational tool has been promoted as this strategic game helps children evolve smarter in developing rational and logical thinking along with astute manoeuvring and total concentration.

An Inter Class Chess Championship was organized for students of Class VI on August’22. The budding chess masters indulged themselves in this brain exercise and depicted the true sportsmanship and displayed immense problem-solving skills with an ease. The students who emerged victorious are Mst. Yash Gupta from Class VI A, Mst. Ayan Kharbanda from Class VI B and Mst. Adhvik Manchanda from Class VI A.

All teachers congratulated the students who participated in this competition and wished them the best of luck in future chess competitions!

To ensure that the students foster a slew of practical life skills inclusive of logical and critical thinking the game of Chess will be continued in other classes too in the near future.