School shall remain closed on Wednesday, 17th July on account of Muharram. The school will reopen as usual on Thursday 18th July'24.     More we trade achievements not failures, values not needs. We are free of one another , yet we all grow together.
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Class Project Shows


With backpacks snug and shoes so neat,
We walked to school on eager feet.

A place so grand, with friends to meet,
Our first day’s memories are oh! so sweet.

Books and games, and laughter too,
Every moment felt fresh and new.

In this haven of knowledge and fun,
Our school journey has just begun.

As the golden rays of the sun kissed the grounds of the school on the morning of April 3rd, 2024, a new academic session began with a wave of excitement and anticipation. The fresh uniforms, new books, and bright faces all mirrored the spirit of new beginnings.

The day commenced with a warm welcome from the school Principal, who inspired everyone with her words of encouragement and wisdom. The vibrant campus buzzed with the cheerful chatter of students, eager to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Classrooms, beautifully decorated by teachers, provided a welcoming environment that eased the transition into the new academic year.

Special activities were organized to foster a sense of community and belonging. Ice-breaker games, and interactive sessions allowed all students to express themselves and set the tone for a year filled with collaboration and learning. The smiles and enthusiasm of both students and staff were a testament to the positive atmosphere that MSGS strives to cultivate.

The first day at school was a perfect blend of excitement, enthusiasm, and hope, setting a promising tone for the academic year 2024-25.


Manav Sthali Global School organized a Disaster Management preparedness event, during which a Fire Exit Drill was conducted at the MSGS premises. This drill aimed to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff in the event of an emergency. The drill was carried out efficiently, and all safety protocols were followed.


As the sun bathed the campus of Manav Sthali Global School (MSGS) in a warm embrace on the morning of September 12th, 2023, the young explorers of Class Nursery and Prep set sail on a thrilling journey into the depths of the IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) Unit “OCEAN TREASURES,” turning their vibrant campus into a maritime wonderland.

This captivating educational escapade allowed our young explorers to establish a deeper connection with the beach and its myriad inhabitants, as they assumed the roles of finned companions in their very own pretend ‘BEACH PARTY within the school premises.

With meticulous attention to detail, the school’s activity area was artfully transformed into a replica of a beach. Within this idyllic setting, the budding scholars ardently delved into a range of engaging activities. They skillfully refined their dexterity through pursuits such as beach combing, partook in lively beach games, and embarked on enchanting seaside storytelling sessions. They also immersed themselves in marine inspired crafts like hand printed crabs, seashell jewellery, and vibrant painted pebble creatures. Moreover, they indulged in uncovering hidden treasures nestled beneath the sands – from agile crabs and elusive hermit crabs to big turtle eggs, whales, and dolphins.

Bedecked in their fashionable casual holiday ensembles, the children radiated charm and style as they revelled in the merriments. They enjoyed a healthy mocktail and danced to the melodic tunes of enchanting compositions such as “Beach Feet,” “The Singing Mermaid,” “The Rainbow Fish,” and “A House for Hermit Crab.” These jingles provided a booming background for their imaginative forays into the diverse tapestry of the seaside world.

After this delightful day, these young children have not only become academically enriched scholars but also fearless ocean enthusiasts, ready to embark on even more exciting journeys into the world of knowledge and discovery.


“Technology will not replace Great Teachers but Technology in the hands of Great Teachers can be transformational”

                                                                                                                                                         – George Couros

Manav Sthali Global School has always chosen to place itself at the forefront of developing positive learning school of thoughts that help shape the growing minds and to keep their impetus constant even during the unprecedented times. Considering the alternative of no schooling, the school believes that Online Mode of Learning has always proved as a significant tool to sustain continuous growth and progress of children during the times of crisis.

The recent water logging and flood crisis in various parts of Delhi proved as a challenging time for all the Delhiites. Many schools in the capital city were forced to close down, and students were unable to attend classes in person. Keeping in mind with minimal disruption to the students’ learning journey; a renewed focus of Online Classes came back into action at MSGS that helped the pupils to keep up with their regular course of studies. All key functionaries and teachers quickly adapted to the situation and put their shoulders to the wheel to create online lesson plans for their students to lead with a smile.

The school feels proud of the way that children rose to the challenge of virtual learning and showed great resilience and determination in alliance with parents’ unflagging dedication to their children’s education that helped them overcome the challenges of virtual learning.


 Drawing on decades of educational experience and a wealth of research Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar, has firmly established yardsticks that have been able to bring out the creator in each child. The school has always reinforced the idea of a balanced and integrated emphasis in the realms of scholastic and co-scholastic education for an enriching, broadening, and enhancing learning experiences for its children. Supporting the same ideology students of Class VI and VII were provided an experiential learning opportunity to be a part of an elucidative practical exercise of Newspaper Designing.

The teachers premeditated this activity as an innovative pedagogical application and wanted to acquaint all the young ingenious minds with a formal introduction to the field of Print Media Journalism.  The students were guided to design their newspapers keeping in mind the basic ABC rudiments of newspaper writing – Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity. They classified articles into various sections as per the newspaper like National News, Sports News, Infotainment News, etc. The burgeoning editors crafted their newspapers by pasting various cut-outs of different categorised articles as per the theme on colourful chart papers. They thought of some suitable names for their respective editions like Worldwide News, The Unspoken Truth, The MSGS Times, The Students’ Daily and many more. It was a visual treat to watch these interactive classrooms that sparked our students’ inquisitiveness on newspaper making process and collaborating with their classmates. All the students loved participating in this activity with great élan and eagerness.

All in all, this activity of newspaper designing contributed not only to peer–learning but simultaneously abetted in refining their critical, analytical and imaginative thinking abilities.


 ‘Leadership – if well ordered, well instructed, and well governed, they are the springs from which go forth the streams of national greatness and prosperity – of order and happiness.’  –V.K. Bhatnagar

The School Investiture Ceremony is a solemn and prestigious occasion in every school calendar wherein the school officially delegates responsibilities on the young leaders’ team to disseminate their duties with utmost sincerity and to the best of their capabilities.

Manav Sthali Global School recently organised the student investiture ceremony on 20.04.23 to encourage and ignite leadership qualities in the young prodigies. To follow the vision of our venerated Founder Chairman, Sir Dr.V.K. Bhatnagar the ceremony of Anushasit Council commenced with great vigour finally filling the air with a spirit of harmony and dynamism. The Anushasit Council teachers in-charge helped the newly elected team in administering the oath of allegiance to serve their Alma Mater and work relentlessly with honesty and complete dedication. The badging ceremony reminded each student to uphold and demonstrate the five ideals namely- Discipline, Cooperation, Responsibility, Respect and Sportsmanship. The teachers also apprised students that they are the torch bearers of all the values that the School stands for and counselled them to take responsibility with full commitment and integrity. The zeal of the council was clearly reflected in their confidence and joyous feeling and swore a definite change for a better tomorrow with great conviction in their words.

With the school name held high and heads upright tall, the ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.



Small hands and imaginative minds came in unison in a creative burst of vigour during the “TECHNOKRAFT” activity that was held at Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar with great synergy offering an exclusive platform to all its students to showcase their imaginative and technical bent of mind.

Following the doctrine envisioned for a ‘Techno Advanced Nation’ years ago by an eminent educationist and an inspiring idealist, Hon’ble Chairman Sir, Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar, the students of MSGS were duly apprised about the significance of various technologies and electrical gadgets being used in everyone’s day to day life. He believed that endorsing these technical know – how performed through TECHNOKRAFT activities in the schooling years would not only help these potential engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs in achieving their future aspirations and major breakthroughs but also strengthen and fortify the nation in the global market. This mooted curriculum of FEIT (Foundation Education in Technology) in school lays emphasis on providing practical exposure and ample guidance to students with the latest and upcoming inventive technologies taking place around the world.

During this activity various innovative working models were crafted out of waste materials along with Make in India’ concept that was taken up by every student from classes IV – VII exhibiting their understanding of the scientific principles involved behind. They creatively shaped their ideas and made tech-based projects like rocket launcher, water level alarm, drones, ATM Machines, water dispensers, escalators, coolers to name a few.

Overall, this event of Technokraft proved successful in galvanizing the latent potential of our future technos, researchers and scientists in the right direction and turning all the dreams and visions into reality so as to create an exquisite humane world!!




Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar holds a special aspect for celebrating learning with great zeal and anticipation that is conducted with the help of numerous games & sports, enriching field trips and allied fun activities. The school holds the viewpoint that these celebrations when infused with the academic syllabus aids in evolving students’ extensive transformation as they acquire the qualities of leadership, team work, co-operation, self-assurance and social spirit.

This time the school came up with an endeavour to promote scientific approach, understanding and appreciation in the realm of science and its innovation amidst the students. The ‘SCIENCE WEEK’ – an initiative undertaken to make children revel the wonders of science filled with wow to wonder emotions bringing to the fore their potential abilities on this unique platform and also encouraging them to explore the diverse avenues of science.

Keeping in sync with the theme, the week kick started with a range of hands-on immersive activities accompanied with gleeful and excited young faces that culminated in the form of few fun enriching experimentations that were immaculately performed in the ‘EUREKA’ School Science Laboratory, role plays of Eminent Scientists & Researchers, Presentations on various themes like consequences of climate change on Earth and many other Poster Making Activities that covered areas such as Conservation of Electricity, etc. Each practical experiment and activity proved as the most surefire way to kindle their interest in the subject.

It was incredibly rewarding to see the excitement and buzz grow over the week from 1st February 2023 to 7th February 2023 as the children and staff all immersed in activities pertaining to the subject area.

The students also visited IARI –Indian Agricultural Research Institute that gave students a practical revelation on the internal working of the Department of Agriculture wherein they got an opportunity to interact with both the farmers and the scientists to understand the principles of the recent technologies being used for different horticultural and other field crops, research trials on various vegetations, integrated farming systems, nursery management and much more.

All in all, this Science Week garnered broad experience to students in the domain-specific knowledge directing their natural curiosity of making new discoveries and inventions in the world around them.


It is a well-known datum that brainstorming innovative ideas merged with the right form of mentoring in the primary years endorses creative rational skills in children.

As campaign drives provide unique opportunities for awareness raising in all age groups; the students of Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar, took an initiative by organising an environment awareness campaign on 23.01.23. Building on the growing impetus for climate action and environment protection the teachers apprised children about embracing few random acts of kindness towards the natural environment by developing a sense of responsiveness, compassion, sensitivity and self-regulation.  The students of class VII flagged off a campaign ‘GROW GREEN AND KEEP CLEAN’ that empowered these consumers and decision-makers of the future about the importance of sustainability and how they could act as young planet protective ambassadors inspiring masses around to protect the planet Earth as one unified human race.

This campaign proved as a small step towards inspiring and educating other people around about the reccurent environmental issues and also to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the planet by following basic civic sense. The students along with their teachers marched through the school neighbouring area voicing slogans for a healthy, clean and green city. The students holding placards explained to passers-by on the need to maintain ecological balance by taking part in tree plantation, No Honking, Civic Sense and pollution free planet Earth.

On the whole, this campaign demonstrated as the most impactful way of bringing long-term and transformative change in the hearts of little MSGSians and also those who witnessed the efforts made by these children.




Since reading forms a pivotal part of a child’s growth hence to indoctrinate the reading habits amongst the children and to beget lifelong readers; book fairs are organized on regular basis at Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar.

The school opines that as books empower kids to find the stories that speak to them and so, the intent of conducting the event of book fair every year proliferates. In alliance with the Scholastic Publication and as a part of ‘Readathon’ programme, the school once again organised two days ‘Book Fair’ that offered an opportunity to children to glance through a varied treasure trove of age appropriate selection of books on display in the school vestibule area.

As books captured and enthralled the fancy of children it was a delight to witness children discussing with each other about books of their own accord with much ardour and zeal. This book fair familiarized the habit of self-selection in them further igniting a passion for reading and also providing a formal revelation to different genres in the domain of children’s literary texts from around the globe ranging from popular classics, best sellers, historical and science fiction to non-fiction, folklores, detective mysteries and thrillers. 

The main highlights of the event were story telling sessions performed by a reading specialist from the British Council and also a book reading session done by a bourgeoning young author.

All in all, the book exhibition proved as a wonderful and enriching experience not only for children but also for the teachers and parents alike who visited it and made the event a big accomplishment.



 Learning a second language early in life not just augments overall cognitive skills but also increases critical thinking ability, creativity and flexibility of mind in young children. To mentor children as global citizens and elucidate them about the multicultural world which is highly diversified in all domains of human endeavours Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar organized French Language Activities for students Class VI and VII.

It was a delight for everyone to witness the top tier curiosity that aroused amongst the students mainly to demonstrate their skills and proficiency attained in the lingua franca that extends beyond the distinct aesthetics of its cuisine, history, literature, art, dance and fashion. The programme comprised of two activity events namely – Poetry Recitation – Récitation de Poésie and an Elocution Drill based on My Family – Décrivez Ma Famille.

These activities not only complimented the classroom teaching but also facilitated children to celebrate this international language and to create curiousity amongst our keen learners to know more about the diversified cultures and customs of different countries and helping them in evolving their minds truly as “Global Citizens.”


The adage ‘You are What You Eat’ holds the apt truth and genuineness. Manav Sthali Global School believes that children are extremely influenced by their surroundings which is why it is imperative to start teaching them young. With an objective to impart the children with a healthy dosage of erudition about the importance of nutritional and adaptive eating habits in order to lead a healthy lifestyle National Nutrition Week was observed from 1st September ‘22 till 7th September ’22. A salubrious environment of activities was premeditated for our young learners who followed a healthy week-long meal plan designed by their teachers, thus proclaiming ‘Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy.’ Going the healthy way, children created their palette through art and craft activity that guided them to make the right choice of food and also vowed to be fit and active.

Moving a step forward, our children also participated in a few innovative ways to opt for some healthy versions out of their favourite food options and to say ‘No’ to junk food, thus, mastering the art of healthy eating habits. A discussion on the ill effects of consuming unhealthy food choices was taken up in all the classes and they were stimulated to bring food options like vegetable sandwiches, fresh fruits, stuffed flattened breads, vegetable rice, vegetable pancakes in their tiffin boxes. 

The “Well-being Emissaries” of our school spent one more week of fruitful learning at MSGS imbibed with an essential message about the significance of eating a well-balanced diet and staying healthy forever.


In continuation with another unit of IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) learning – ‘This Is Me’ Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar hosted a fabulous Pyjama Party for Class Nursery children that purely acted as an opportunity for kids to let their foot loose and fancy free thus, gradually building up camaraderie with their friends and teachers. This event was a fusion of flamboyant pyjamas, mushy headrests and soft comforters. The play and activity zones were converted into a haven of starry and dreamy world attached with tulle swags and colourful smiley balloons. Children came dressed up in their comfortable night suits carrying their favourite soft toys for a sleepover with their best friends.

The school hummed with children’s loud giggles and chatters and witnessed excitement for bed-time story sessions and starry treads. They swayed to their favourite lullabies, relished their favourite healthy snacks and milk, played games and pretended to sleep along during the pretend play of night stay with friends.

The chief purpose behind this event was to apprise kids of how to be self-dependent and to develop social acquaintances outside their immediate family and home. The learning outcome on the whole was peer group management and to follow some valuable daily morning routine as a regular practice.

It was indeed an amazing experience where children would remember and cherish their learning, the IEYC Way!!


Each day of joyful learning that takes place at Manav Sthali Global School is a celebration that pops a confetto of happy moments thus, creating everlasting memories!! The Exit Point of each IEYC unit is always a mesmerizing event where the little ones celebrate their absorbed knowledge by teaming up together to showcase their attained knowledge of the subject and largely to experience the joy and gratification in the domain of learning and exploring.

MSGS commenced with the first incredible IEYC unit of work through the Exit Point – Once Upon a Time that got unfolded on 28.07.22 and 29.07.22. The kids conformed to the theme of stories and folklores and came dressed up in animal costumes of various fictional characters. Parents were invited to see their children perform and be an integral part of their learning excursion. The pre-primary section buzzed with a lot of excitement. The main entrance area along with school corridors were transformed into language rich environments like that of a mini forest for fairytale characters creating opportunities for learning new vocabulary and role-playing stories easy to be found everywhere for each kid.

The bourgeoning mini orators enthralled the audience with their charming recitals. Children wore ‘Hare and Tortoise head gears, pulled ‘The Enormous Turnip’, balanced on and climbed the bridge in the story, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ all aiding to ascend the ladder of language development, social habits and imaginative skills.

The whole show proved to be a success and children largely experienced the joy of learning – the IEYC Way!!


Manav Sthali Global School constantly believes in pursuing inspirational and pioneering approaches to promote its student rendezvous in the education sector.
As a part of this endeavour, MSGS organised Fun-Packed International Food Fair – GLOBAL FEAST DAY for the Pre-Primary children to make them aware of the names of various international cuisines around the globe.

The little ones were involved in a kitchenette activity wherein they learnt about several world cuisines namely American, Italian, French, Belgian, Mexican and many more. The teachers facilitated these young minds by beautifully exhibiting some of the signature dishes from various countries like Sushi from Japan; Tortillas and Pasta from Mexico; Croissant, Baguette and Pizzas from France, etc. Seeing children in distinctive international attires and their active involvement gave it a unique hue. Children were also elucidated on the importance of nutritious food in the class. A general conversation was held to raise awareness on universal oneness, food etiquette, customs and table manners that other people follow in their homelands.

It was fun to watch the kids savouring this delectable learning journey immersed in global flavours.



UNITS – The Earth – Our Home; We Are What We Eat

The Exit Point presented by the students of class – I proved to be an ideal amalgamation of music, dance and drama that was pulled off with great panache as students of class I took  everyone on a stimulating expedition through the several kinds of forests, their captivating life-forms and threats posed towards them. They also shared amazing facts about their few creepy friends and those from under the sea. This Exit Point made these little learners aware to gear up and get their act together to save the Mother Earth.

The show exhibited profound learning of the pupils and at the same time succeeded to sensitize the viewers to join hands and do their bit in acting as campaigners of our planet.

This IPC unit also gave the learners a chance to learn about various healthy foods. They found out what types of foods are healthy for them to include in their day-to-day lives, about artists that use food for their ideas, where their food comes from, how to plan, make and evaluate few healthy foods (representing the five food groups), how food plays a role in merriment in festivals and about the food their grandparents and parents ate when they were small kids.

Altogether, it proved as an enriching and edutaining experience for all the little ones.



Learnt with Pleasure about The Ocean Treasures

Little cherubs of Nursery and Prep at Manav Sthali Global School efficaciously accomplished the IEYC Unit “Ocean Treasures”. This achievement was celebrated on 25th & 26th October ‘21. This unit brought the children closer to the beach and its sea creatures as they had their very own ‘Virtual Beach Party’ in school. With each classroom decorated as a pretend beach, our youngest learners got to do the following activities: catching fish, looking for sea creatures in sand, investigating forests of swaying seaweed, and diving deep into the darkest depths of ocean bed and to find out more about all the amazing, glowing and beautiful animals that make the sea their habitat.

The fascinating Oceanic World was portrayed by the children as they endorsed various mysterious sea creatures. This spectacular show was exhibited as a Facebook Watch Party for all the audience. All the children looked poised and enjoyed enacting, dancing and getting imaginative with diverse facets of the Ocean World.


Learning Like an Athlete…. Get Set Go!!

School days are the most vital period of a child’s growth and development. Children are always inquisitive about knowing about what is happening in the world around them. As the Tokyo Olympics 2020 took place in July – Aug. 2021, we too aimed to make the children realize and comprehend the need and importance of such sports events as an ideal of building a healthy and active world dunked in unity and peace through a special designed thematic curriculum that largely involved sports pedagogy merged with the value-based learning.

Essentially Olympics are a celebration of friendship, unity and peace. In order to prove this adage correct a virtual two-week Olympics thematic learning sustainable platform was provided to the little fledglings mainly to help and embolden them to inculcate qualities of leadership, discipline, sharing, team work, honesty and tolerance in their respective lives. The teachers with the support of the parents took the charge of acquainting these little stalwarts about sports through various visual activities and worksheet modules via different subjects which involved all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports.

Children were taught and conveyed with the central message of friendship and peace to keep alive the spirit of never giving up and turning their dreams into reality. These Olympic Games based mapping tasks brought a period full of delight, learning, exploration, and development for all the students. Their active participation in various online sports events was striking and remarkable. 

The cornerstone of Olympic thematic learning was that ‘Learning involves the whole body, not only just mind’ and to maintain the life-long involvement in sports for a healthy lifestyle.

Exit Point : Class I

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun.

We believe that young children are naturally inquisitive and act like sponges for learning information. The whole purpose of our comprehensive International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is to help them think “Beyond the Box” about a particular subject.  The Exit Point of the UnitsBrainwave – The Brain, We are What We Eat and The Earth – Our Home was showcased on 04.09.21 on school Facebook page which proved to be a delightful edutaining getaway experience where children had an amazing time exhibiting what they had learnt and grasped during their learning journey of these 3 units. The understanding of the topics taught to these whiz kids virtually with the help of mind map games, role play events and brain-teaser activities assisted to reinforce the notion that how they need to take good care of the Mother Earth. They also effortlessly reflected through their understanding of the most vital human body part – The Brain and how it helps in the learning process. It was a sheer feast for the audience to witness our mushrooming chefs with their Healthy Food Cafes who came up with some catchy slogans and promoted inculcation of the healthy eating habits and how diet and exercise can bring a progressive variation in the lives.

All in all, this Exit Point – the celebratory event of these units filled our young prodigies with immense delight, development of life skills, self-assurance and oodles of confidence.

Exit Point : Prep

Unit – Once Upon a Time (Theme: Stories and Storytelling)


Unit – Chattering Children (Theme: Communication Skills)

As we complete our half of the term 2021, it is a great time to reflect on the learning journey so far and for the students to celebrate the knowledge, skills and understanding they have newly attained. 

It’s been wonderful to see such exciting and inspiring Entry Points and Exit Points from our learning units across the school, from Chattering Children to becoming a skillful storyteller through the Unit – Once Upon a Time. The Prep class joyously celebrated their IEYC Exit Point from both these units.

Our excited tiny tots felt captivated as they experienced a magical journey to the enchanted world of fairy tales and its fantasy world from the Unit – Once Upon a Time. This unit of story wheel served as an exciting prompt for the young learners as they got to learn about the sequence of events that took place in the fictional world of tales. The Exit Point made the audience overjoyed and thrilled as they witnessed some fantastic anecdotes produced by these little orators. This event was marked as a joyous celebration for all the children by turning their classrooms into a wonderful fictional world of dreams, creativity and imagination!

The other Unit Chattering Children from IEYC focused children to explore language and communication through play. In this unit, students were encouraged to communicate verbally through engaging lessons and gamut of activities. The I am Special activity in the Exit Point was the culmination of learning about verbal expression and pulled the students for an enthusiastic participation in sprouting a fruitful and productive chatter.

Exit Point : Class Nursery

Unit – Once Upon a Time (Theme: Stories and Storytelling)


Unit – Imagine That (Theme: Famous Artists)

The Exit Point of every unit in IEYC aids to build group cohesiveness in children. We believe that these learning blocks help our little ones to celebrate their absorbed knowledge by collaborating together; filling them with more curiosity and largely to experience the joy and gratification of learning and exploring.

As a new month unfolded, the students of Class Nursery embarked upon new adventures in the world of learning. Two units namely Unit Once Upon a Time & Unit Imagine That were taken up successfully where the tiny tots did some virtual page walk by looking at the illustrations, dramatizations and artwork of some fictional characters and few famous artists. The Exit Point of these two units was heartily enjoyed by our wannabe mini artists and captivating story tellers as they were fully geared up to celebrate, appreciate and showcase their talent and efforts. These units aided them to enhance their oratory skills alongside their creative artwork abilities.

Steering Wheel Activity

In order to familiarize Class 3 students with various parts of an automobile, steering wheel making activity was conducted in the virtual session .This activity was a part of the FEIT curriculum. As part of this activity students were given the opportunity to observe real life steering wheels and prepare a life size model based on their observations. The entire class participated in the activity and prepared impressive models with details. Students also explained the functions of a steering wheel and its features based on their own cars during the class.

Screwdrivers Activity

Students of Class IV made screwdrivers using waste material understanding their importance in our lives.

Students learnt the usage of screwdrivers in everyday life, a tool that is of help in ordinary situations around us. Also, they got to know about the various kinds of tips of the screwdrivers making them distinct from one another.

Air Purifier Activity

A new gadget around us, the need of the hour is the air purifier. It’s importance and several benefits were introduced to the students. Students grasped an in depth knowledge about the working of the air purifier in terms of the various filters present inside it and importance of each filter as well.  Students made their own air purifiers creatively placing the different functions as per their own designs.

Meri Delhi Meri Metro

Students of Class IV D presented a colourful and knowledgeable show on Meri Delhi Meri Metro on Saturday, 2nd March 2019. Students showcased their talent in the form of dance, song and drama. With a short autobiography of Sh. E. Sreedharan , the former Managing Director of Konkan Railways, the journey of the Metro started. It took on a humourous turn and was followed by energetic performances.Gopu became a center of attraction depicting the state of a villager travelling in a Metro totally unaware about its rules, regulations and guidelines. All children learnt various facts about Delhi Metro while performing this show.The very impact of the programme was clearly visible in the enduring smiles on the faces of the parents thus, giving the students and the teachers the boost, applause and confidence for the task performed.

Hoot Hoot Don’t Pollute

The stage show of Class III D was held on Wednesday, 27th Feb 2019. The theme of the show was “Hoot Hoot Don’t Pollute”. The show commenced with a presentation wherein animals living in the forest shared how they were suffering due to increase in pollution. This was followed by a lively dance performance on the song “Tik tik plastic”. Through this performance, the children highlighted the ill effects of plastic and shared four pledges to eradicate pollution. This resolve was connected to Swacch Bharat Mission by showcasing its objectives as laid out by our government.Further in the show, the “I see I wonder” group highlighted issues in our immediate environment such as ill effects of packaged foods and drinks, depletion of petrol, issues due to smoke from crackers and lack of proper sanitation in villages. This was followed by a street play showcasing how our perspective towards pollution needs to transform from being someone else’s responsibility to owning it as our own responsibility. The street play ended with a pledge performed on the melodious and thoughtful song “Heal the world”. In the last segment, the children left the audience awe-struck with an electrifying dance performance – each segment highlighting their spirit to “never give up” irrespective of the challenges confronting them.The show was a grand success with all parents sharing lavish praises after the show. Through this successful show, class III-D exhibited not only their immense talent but also demonstrated the power of unity and mutual appreciation.

Rangeela Rajasthan

Students of class IV B presented a majestic show on “Rangeela Rajasthan” on Friday, 22.2.19.This culturally and traditionally rich state of India that offers the real essence of the country was shown through colourful and vibrant dances and rap. The students showcased the itinerary of Rajasthan that was planned by a family in the form of a skit. Everyone enjoyed this splendid and whimsical charm of this majestic land. Children were dressed up beautifully in bright turbans and colourful swirling ghagras.The parents applauded the efforts of the children and teachers and conveyed their appreciation and heartfelt wishes for the kind of learning being imbibed in the children at an early stage.

Uttarakhand-Simply Heaven

Students of class III B took immense pride in exploring the paradise on earth, the state of Uttarakhand, which allured everyone. The show started with an auspicious beginning by chanting of Shloka stating ‘O My Lord, you are the essence of my being’. This was followed by the captivating presentation of Char Dhams. Students presented the splended dance performance on Bedu folk song. Yoga at Rishikesh mesmerized everyone. The source of all movements, Shiva’s dance was spectacular. The show ended with the group folk song- “Almora Pe Jeep Chali” of Uttarakhand which adds a lot to its cultural richness. Each aspect of Uttarakhand was showcased by the children brilliantly. The parents applauded the efforts of students and teachers and commented they were happy to see each child of the class perform on stage.

Magical World of Books

Students of class IV A organized a project show on the topic ‘Magical World of Books’ on Saturday,16.2.19. The programme commenced with Saraswati Vandana to invoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. The students shared the project report on Hockey World Cup 2018 and ‘I see, I Think, I wonder’. A scintillating dance revolving around Cinderella was beautifully presented by tiny tots. A foot tapping dance on ‘Snowhite and the Seven dwarfs’ mesmerized the audience. Students dressed up as jungle book characters gave a joyful dance performance. The importance of books in our lives was conveyed in a witty way through some of the scenes of Akbar and Birbal. The programme culminated with a melodious song titled ‘Deep Shiksha Jagaye’. The parents were extremely delighted to see the performance of students.

Unity in Diversity

Students of class III A presented a project show on the theme- ‘Unity in Diversity’ on Wednesday, 13th Feb 2019. India is not just a country but an experience, a place to relish and have an ever lasting memory for a lifetime. We may speak different languages, eat different foods, wear different clothes, live in different geographies or follow different religions, at the end we all belong to same nation and values that keep us together. Our students presented a slice of every corner of the country in the form of colourful dances and melodious songs.  The show commenced with an informative report on school and research work done by students during their long break. The efforts of the students and teachers were applauded by the parents.  The programme culminated with a message that Unity in diversity here is the real prosperity and the way to progress in the present and future.

Ecological Footprint

Students of Class V D presented a project show on the theme-‘Ecological Footprint’ on Monday , 11th February 2019. The ecological footprint is a resource management and accounting tool. It measures human demand on nature. The show commenced with the introduction of the concept by William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel followed by a flashback to the past where abundance of resources were available in comparison with the present where humans are exploiting the resources. The ecological concerns were highlighted and solutions  to the problems like Deforestation, Climate change and Green house effect  were suggested. It was  represented in the form of rap music and dance depicting the pain of the trees. A strong message was conveyed to children  and all present that we need to be friendly towards nature and not fight against it, to ensure a bright future on earth for everyone.

Incredible India

Students of class V B presented a project show on the theme- ‘Incredible India’ on Tuesday, 5th Feb 2019. Being Indian is not as much about blood as it is about culture. The show commenced with  beautiful poem by Rabindranath Tagore and advanced with a skit performed by the children on Impact of Westernization on Indian Culture. The true colours of India were beautifully presented in the form of dance, yoga, martial arts and  a melodious song.Nowhere else on Earth does humanity present itself in such diverse creative buzz of culture and religions, races and tongue. The courage and sacrifice of Indian Armed Forces was depicted by the students in a spectacular manner. The efforts of the students and teachers were applauded by the parents. The programme culminated with the singing of National Anthem and filled everyone with a feeling of pride for our country.

World of Sports

Great achievements come our way when we maintain our physical and  mental well being. Sports is one  of the mediums which helps us to maintain good health and improve overall coordination and personality. Students of Class V C of Manav Sthali Global School presented a show on ‘World of Sports’ on Saturday , 2nd February 2019 to show case the value and significance of sports in our life. The show commenced with an informative report on school and research work done by students. It was followed by a melodious welcome song. The importance of Sports in a student’s life was depicted through a skit with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students dressed up as famous sports personalities like Marry Kom, Mirabai Chanu, Neeraj Chopra , etc. who shared some interesting and memorable moments of the World of Sports. India’s recent success in Asian Games 2018 was also beautifully presented. Students performed various Yogasanas which was appreciated by all. A scintillating and foot tapping dance on ‘Chak De India’ enthralled the audience. The show culminated with a vote of thanks proposed by the class teacher. The parents appreciated the school management for imparting value education to their children and making the show a great success.

Fitness Mantras

‘ Fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life.’ Students of Class V A of Manav Sthali Global School presented a colourful and memorable show on Wednesday, 30th January 2019. It showcased the importance of being fit and healthy. The show commenced with a school report and advanced with a mesmerizing play on physical fitness. The students were successful in involving the audience to participate enthusiastically in the laughter therapy which improves the blood circulation and decreases blood pressure and stress hormones. The students gave a motivational message on the importance of yoga and presented various yoga postures with exuberance and zeal. The energetic dance performance by the students depicted the fact that dancing is a whole body workout and it is good for our heart. The programme culminated with a message that fitness is like a relationship. One can’t cheat and expect it to work.

Resurgence- A River Reborn

Students of class VII D presented a truly inspiring story, Resurgence-A River Reborn about Dr. Rajendra Singh, who wanted to save mankind by opening schools and clinics in the villages. But like it is said, life had some other plans for him. When he visited the village of Alwar, people there asked him to get water in their village and nothing more, as there was acute scarcity of water in that village.
Dr. Rajendra Singh took this initiative of getting water anyhow with full dedication. He learnt from experienced and senior village men about their wells and water system. And in the end all his efforts proved fruitful as ‘Johads’ were finally built as the  system that protects the water from the mountains to flow into the rivers, thus making a way for the water to be stored underground.
This entire story of village in need of basic resource “Water” was enacted by the students of VII D, exhibiting their talent not only in drama but also music and dance. Their efforts were truly reflected in their performance.



Students of class VII-B presented a project show on ‘E-Commerce’ on December 22, 2018. The entire class participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The show commenced with a school report by children highlighting their achievements. The entire concept of E-commerce was explained through a skit showcasing the journey of E-commerce, its founders, procedure, pros and cons and its impact on everyday life.A melodious song composed by the students was also presented. The parents applauded the efforts of school and children in making the programme a great success. The programme culminated with a New Year Song and a commemorative photograph of parents, children and their teachers.

Namak Ka Daroga

Students of class VII C of Manav Sthali Global School presented a Project Show on Wednesday, 19th December’18 on a play  ‘NAMAK KA DAROGA’. It is a famous act written by Munshi Premchand. The entire class participated wholeheartedly in the play. The show began with a school report. The rampant social evil called ‘Corruption’ was depicted through the play highlighting the sad state of affairs that corruption and the bribe are looked up by many people as if it’s some sort of an achievement and not a crime. Instead of imbibing good values and honesty in oneself, people are trying to simplify their life by resorting to easy and unacceptable methods. But still there are some far sighted people who value these responsible citizens and are still hoping to find many more around. A lively dance “India Against Corruption” was performed with vigour and vitality by the children.The Parents applauded the efforts of the children and teachers and conveyed that good values must be imbibed by children at an early age.

Zero Wastage

Students of class VI-B of Manav Sthali Global School presented a Project Show titled ‘Zero Waste’ on Saturday, 15th Dec’18.The entire class participated wholeheartedly in the show which traced the journey of the food we eat. It was a tribute to the Annadaatas of the country- the farmers. The skit depicted the efforts of two farmers of Burj Deva village in Tarn Tarn district of Punjab who are working relentlessly against the menace of stubble burning which causes smog all over northern India every year. They do not even let the stubble go waste and it is mixed with the soil to make it more fertile, with the help of a new machine, the Happy Seeder. The efforts of the farmers were highlighted and integrated with the efforts of voluntary organizations which are working against the wastage of food, whether it is in our homes or in parties or hotels and eating joints. The students gave a message that food is a very critical resource, for which we need to be thankful to our farmers, and which should not go to the dustbin. A lively dance performance, rendition of instrumental music as well as a lively song were a part of the show.The parents applauded the efforts of the team of students and teachers.


Beat The Plastic

Students of class VII A of Manav Sthali Global School presented a project show on ‘Beat the Plastic’ on Thursday, 13th December 2018.It depicted the causes, effects and solutions of plastic pollution.
They showcased various experiences to explain the need to beat the plastic to curb plastic pollution. Use of biodegradable cutlery, soda stream machine, zip lock bags can prove to be a game changing technology moving forward into a more sustainable future. Vertical garden prepared by students doesn’t just look good, if the idea is implemented it is going to do good for the planet as well.
The programme advanced by making people aware about hazardous effects of plastic on living creatures. The talented children performed a spectacular pop song with their powerful message about the need to address the issue of PLASTIC WASTE. They gave hard hitting message with a mesmerizing performance.
The efforts of the students and the school were appreciated by parents. The programme culminated with a strong appeal to everyone to follow 4 R’s to beat the plastic pollution- Refuse, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Women Empowerment

‘By learning to work and play together – girls and boys discover how they succeed together’.Students of Class VI C of Manav Sthali Global School presented a colourful and memorable show on Tuesday, 11th December’18. It showcased the vibrant display of the theme ‘Women Empowerment’.The show commenced with a school report shared by the students. The budding musicians played a melodious number on the keyboard and rendered mellifluous songs on the given theme. The programme advanced with a ‘Ladies Walk’ to celebrate those moments when our Indian women achieved something great and memorable. The silent skit depicted the importance of recognizing and acknowledging our She-roes. The students danced with exuberance and unmatched zeal and rhythm. The ebullient students presented a message oriented show which was a soul stirring depiction of the fact that woman is the companion of man, and no matter how much we curtail her, cage her or drown her  –  she will only rise, float and fly.
The students participated with full enthusiasm which helped in their aesthetic development like character building, spiritual and moral values, physical growth and creativity. The programme culminated with a reminder to everyone to teach our boys to learn to respect girls and women.

A Visit To Germany

Students of Class VI- D of Manav Sthali Global School presented a Project Show on Friday, 7th December’18 on ‘A visit to Germany’. The entire class participated wholeheartedly for the success of this Project Show. The show began with a school report. The famous places, cuisine, monuments of Germany were depicted through a skit, PowerPoint presentation. There was a short German solo dance followed by instrumental music and a traditional group dance ‘Polka’ of Germany. Information about famous personalities of Germany was given through actual depiction. The parents applauded the efforts of children and teachers and expressed their desire for more such programmes. All in all it was a well organised show.

Tour de France

Students of Class VI A of Manav Sthali Global School presented a project show on Tour de France depicting French Culture and Heritage. The various facts of French Culture were depicted through poems in French, folk dance, and Powerpoint Presentation. The scintillating Fashion Show presented by the students depicting Ethnic and Modern Outfits of France was spell binding and proved that our children are style icons. These Project Shows help children not only to learn and research about the theme they are working on but also help them in learning some valuable lessons in team work, unity, harmony and values. It helps them to boost up their confidence and utilize all the sources around them. The efforts of the students and the school were appreciated by the parents. The programme culminated with the National Anthem and a commemorative photograph of parents with their children and teachers.

Universal Language of Kindness

Project Shows form an integral part of our school activities. It is an occasion of celebration where students present their wonderful performances. Today’s Project Show was presented by students of Class IV C. It was woven around the theme ‘Universal Language of Kindness’. The show was based on a Japanese story along with various aspects of Japanese culture. The journey was depicted through a blend of drama, dance and music. Each child participated with lot of enthusiasm. Students took a pledge to be kind and generous in future. The parents were spellbound by the scintillating performance of the students. Ms.Ramtri urged the parents to encourage and praise their children for their good work and achievements, as appreciations gives them indomitable strength to learn constantly from all sources around them. The programme culminated with the National Anthem followed by a photoshoot of parents, children and their teachers.

Pride Of India

Manav Sthali Global School believes that lesson which are learnt by children for life are learnt because these were practically incorporated in their education. Keeping this in view, children of class III C presented a Project Show- ‘Pride of India’ in the school auditorium on Thursday, 29th Nov’18. The national symbols of the country were beautifully presented by children in the form of dance, drama, song, talks, narration and presentations. The lovely costumes and props added a touch of glamour. Parents of all children who were a part of the audience, applauded and appreciated the show enthusiastically. Some parents addressed the gathering, motivated the children and acknowledge the efforts put in by teachers in grooming their children well. A photoshoot was also arranged for the children along with their teachers and parents.

Technokraft Activity

“TECHNOKRAFT” is an annual event of Manav Sthali Global School. It gives an opportunity to all students of classes III to VII to showcase their creative and technical skills. It is a platform where students can give shape to their dreams and create a technology based model using waste material; thus helping them to develop technical skills and generate environmental awareness.

Every year the children participate with great energy and enthusiasm. Innovative models are developed by the students, exhibiting their understanding of the scientific principles involved.