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Celebration of Festivals


Mother’s Day, revered globally as a tribute to the boundless love and sacrifices of mothers, was celebrated with great zeal at MSGS. Reflecting this universal sentiment, our school once again hosted a heartfelt celebration to honour the special bond on Mother’s Day 2024.The event radiated with love and laughter as mothers were warmly invited to engage in a curated array of games and activities alongside their children.

The day unfolded with a variety of interactive games that brought out the playful spirit of both mothers and their children. Laughter echoed joyfully through the school corridors as everyone embraced friendly challenges and participated in collaborative activities, fostering a strong sense of unity and celebration. Highlights included an elegant ‘Ramp Walk’, a delightful ‘Mother-Child Duo’ performances, the whimsical ‘My Mother’s Treasure Bag’ game, and many more engaging activities that captivated and entertained.

The highlight of the day was the cake-cutting ceremony, a sweet gesture symbolizing the sweetness of motherhood. Light snacks were also served, allowing mothers to relax and enjoy each other’s company in a warm, convivial atmosphere.

As the saying goes, Celebrating motherhood is honouring the endless love and nurturing that shapes every child’s future.” This event truly encapsulated the essence of this quote, celebrating the extraordinary love and dedication of mothers.

WORLD EARTH DAY 2024 CELEBRATIONS – Uniting Voices for a Greener Tomorrow

“The Earth does not belong to us; We belong to the Earth.”

 Reflecting the global overarching theme of ‘Planet vs. Plastics‘ for World Earth Day 2024, Manav Sthali Global School reaffirmed its pledge and dedication to environmental sustainability. With lively Earth Day celebrations, the school emphasized the necessity of collective actions to combat climate change and protect our planet’s ecosystems.

The celebrations kicked off with an interactive dialogue led by a teacher, involving all students in exploring ways to conserve nature and stressing the significance of individual actions in safeguarding our environment. Following this, ‘A Promise Song for Saving the Earth’ was sung by the students, symbolizing their dedication to protect the planet.

One of the highlights of the event was a captivating dance performance by Class V, centered around the theme of ‘Astitva’ (Existence), portraying the five elements of which the universe is made. This was followed by a compelling English speech delivered by a sixth-grade student, urging everyone to “Wake up to Sustainability,” igniting a sense of responsibility among the audience.

The grand finale was a captivating dance drama titled “The Spirit of Mother Earth,” enacted by the talented students of Class VI. Through their artistic expression, they depicted the profound bond between humanity and nature, reminding us of our duty to protect and cherish our planet.

In essence, MSGS’s Earth Day celebrations weren’t just about marking the day; they were significant expressions of our devotion to Earth and a clarion call for sustainable practices.


In a grand celebration of literature, Manav Sthali Global School played host to the enchanting   ‘Scholastic Book Fair‘ from the 14th – 16th December 2023. This literary extravaganza transcended the mundane, transforming the school premises into a haven for literary enthusiasts, young and old alike.

The three-day event, meticulously organized, unfolded with an air of anticipation and excitement. Students, parents, and educators alike were welcomed into a realm where the written word took centre stage, and the magic of storytelling came alive.

The sprawling layout of the book fair, adorned with vibrant banners and enchanting displays, beckoned attendees into an immersive literary haven. Divided into carefully curated sections, the fair catered to a diverse audience, from the inquisitive minds of pre-schoolers to the discerning tastes of teenagers. From picture books that whispered tales to the youngest minds to thought-provoking novels that captivated the older audience, the fair boasted a variety beyond measure.

The storytelling session was a captivating addition to the literary cornucopia. Led by a seasoned literary expert, this session wasn’t merely about narrating tales but rather about unravelling the intricate threads of storytelling. Children, their eyes wide with wonder, found themselves spellbound by the vivid imagery painted by the storyteller’s words.

With each story spun, laughter bubbled forth like a melody, echoing through the multimedia room. Moments of surprise elicited giggles, binding the kids in an intricate web of emotions. The storyteller’s skillful delivery didn’t just narrate stories; it ignited a spark within each listener, igniting their imagination and fostering a love for the art of storytelling. The expert’s guidance wasn’t just about words on a page; it was an exploration of the magic that weaves tales together.

In entirety, this literary fiesta echoed the school’s dedication to nurturing curiosity, critical thinking, and imagination, proving that books are not just vessels of information but conduits of imagination and empathy.

FAIRPLEX: A Magical Playdate Unfolds at Manav Sthali Global School (MSGS)

As the morning sun painted the landscape in hues of gold, Manav Sthali Global School nestled in Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar, hosted ‘FAIRPLEX – A Magical Playdate’ on December 9, 2023. The grounds transformed into a vibrant scene, welcoming families and children to a day filled with enthusiasm and delight.

The campus bloomed into a palette of rainbow colours, offering thrilling games, captivating activities, and delightful stalls catering to various interests and ages. The Little Wonders Talent Quest showcased diverse skills in singing, dancing, acting, and musical instruments, while the Beat Boulevard Live Dance and Singing Arena celebrated ingenuity and artistry.

Participants enjoyed the Rolling Frenzy Fun, Ball Blitz arcade, Key Wobble Challenge, Mickey Mouse Hop House, and the Joyous Jump Arena. Children relaxed at the Baby Bliss Spa Station and engaged in playful quests like the ‘Memory Master Challenge’ and ‘Potato Hunt Adventure.’

The Joyful Selfie Junction captured cherished memories, and the ‘Cosmic Safari – Galaxy Room’ transported kids to another world. Meanwhile, Tiny Picasso’s Point catered to art enthusiasts, and ‘Flash Me Tattoos’ adorned the adventurous.

Palates rejoiced at the ‘Munchies’ Station, ‘Cotton Candy Clouds,’ ‘Choco Joy Junction,’ and the ‘Healthy Bites’ stall, offering a blend of healthy nutrition and culinary delight. ‘Bubble Blossoms’ specialized in children’s bathing skincare products, adding elegance and fun. The day concluded with ‘The Magic Show Factory,’ leaving kids spellbound.

FAIRPLEX was not merely an event; it was a symphony of joy, creativity, and togetherness. As the sun set on this magical playdate, laughter lingered in the air, memories were etched in every heart, and FAIRPLEX promised to remain a cherished chapter in the annals of school history—a day where magic truly came alive!


On International Literacy Day, which is observed annually on the 8th of September, Manav Sthali Global School (MSGS) heralded a celebration of knowledge, an ode to the power of words within the hearts and minds of its students. The school’s educators meticulously crafted an information session designed to ignite insightful discussions among students, delving into the profound impact that literacy exerts, not only on individual lives but also on the intricate fabric of society at large.

The students dedicated their valuable time to a philanthropic mission, as the school had tasked each student with this project, requiring them to complete it and then present it at school. They willingly took on the role of educators, teaching essential literacy skills to those unsung heroes of society, our valued society helpers, who had been denied access to formal education. This benevolent act of imparting knowledge not only served as a channel for these children to bridge the educational divide but also had the transformative effect of fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society. Additionally, some enterprising students crafted visually captivating posters and slogan charts, disseminating the message of paramount importance of literacy to the populace at large, thereby creating ripples of awareness throughout society.

Overall, the school demonstrated a commendable ability by combining this important message of literacy, empowering its students to become informed and socially responsible global citizens of the world.


Someone has beautifully articulated that, ‘One can find inspiration in the profound symbolism of Teachers’ Day and Janmashtami, where both beautifully symbolize learning as a divine sojourn with teachers and gurus serving as the guiding beacons on this sacred quest.’

This eloquent quote perfectly captured the essence of the confluence of Teachers’ Day and Janmashtami at Manav Sthali Global School (MSGS), Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar, that served as a splendid amalgamation of celebration and spiritual illumination. These two esteemed occasions, symbolizing the divine odyssey of learning with the ‘Guiding Luminaries’, fostered a profound ambience that steeped in gratitude, devotion, and revelry.

The event commenced with a soulful recital of Sanskrit shlokas by Class IV students, resonating with purity and devotion, setting a transcendent feel for the day. The young prodigies from Class III graced the stage with a mesmerizing dance performance that captivated the audience and evoked the spirit of devotion to Lord Krishna. Class V students articulated the essence of Janmashtami with eloquence, shedding light on the core themes of conquering evil and embracing divine love. The Nursery and Prep Classes’ youngest stars illuminated the stage with their enchanting ‘Fancy-Dress Spectacle,’ melting hearts of the audience with their sheer innocence and charm. The skit, ‘Krishna’s Hidden Charms – Aankhmicholi’ enacted by Class IV students, beautifully portrayed the harmonious convergence of Lord Krishna’s profound wisdom and the invaluable guidance imparted by all revered teachers and divine mentors.

The festivities continued with Class IV students’ heart-warming dance performance to the melodious song “Shukriya – A Dance of Appreciation,” dedicated to their mentors. Their graceful movements and poetic tribute deeply touched the hearts of all present. Class II students serenaded with a mellifluous song, expressing profound admiration for their teachers, showcasing their musical prowess. The grand finale unfolded with an exhilarating ‘Dahi Handi‘ performance by Class V, vividly encapsulating the playful energy of Lord Krishna. Their breath-taking acrobatic feats and boundless enthusiasm left the audience utterly spellbound and filled with deep admiration.

To bring it all together, this harmonious celebration at MSGS was a testament to the school’s commitment to values of knowledge, guidance, and devotion. The day resonated with an immense feeling of gratitude and a deep appreciation for the enduring impact teachers have, as well as the timeless wisdom imparted by Lord Krishna that has woven its way through the fabric of human existence for countless generations.


In the words of a great visionary and philosopher Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar, “The Mother’s Heart is the Child’s Classroom.” These inspiring words clearly and concisely convey a deep meaning that of all the bonds that every individual share during their lifetime, the first and most special connection one begets is with the ‘MOTHERS’ and to revel this precious bond of unconditional love and affection, Manav Sthali Global School gave mothers of pre-primary a beautiful surprise on this Mother’s Day by inviting them for the ‘Mother’s Day Celebration ‘programme in school – A day especially dedicated to cherish motherhood.

The day commenced with a special assembly performed by children of all the classes opening with a glorious song highlighting the unwavering love, strength and sacrifice of mother in every child’s life and some soul stirring presentations that heralded the programme as a tribute to the mother’s community. The tiny tots of Class Nursery touched an emotional chord of everyone present through their sweet and heart-warming messages and recitals for their mothers. Children made attractive greeting cards and also wrote letters of gratitude on their mother’s unremitting efforts. It was a sheer pleasure watching these dynamic and energetic young minds preparing something unique and special.  

Filled with unmatched zest and joy and to make the celebrations livelier and more spontaneous for the mothers, special games and activities were also organized. Umpteen little moments of jollity were plaited together with grace, laughter and merriment when mothers along with their angelic cherubs indulged in few prepensed exciting games like Shake-a-leg, Pass the Parcel, Newspaper Stop Dance, Musical Chairs and many more. To continue the spirit of this wonderful celebration the little ones even honoured their mothers by awarding them with special handcrafted cards and chocolates.

As cake symbolizes to light up any celebration by making things excessively special the programme culminated with the cake cutting ceremony as a token of heartfelt appreciation for all the enthusiasm shown by the mothers. All from the mother’s community expressed their feelings of gratitude and appreciation on the occasion for the school fraternity for patronizing a day full of celebrations worth of priceless memories.

The productive and honest efforts of the children exulted every mother and strengthened their mother-child relationship. It was indeed a great experience where all the mothers carried back home a bag full of precious memories filled with heart-warming emotions of love, thankfulness and appreciation created by their little ones.



Accentuating the need of practicing the core principles of the Indian Constitution by spreading peace and harmony in society and to solidify the unity of the Nation Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar celebrated the 74th Republic Day in all its solemnity and grandeur. The entire student and teacher community collectively saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to uphold the honour, veracity and distinctiveness of their motherland “INDIA” and fulfill all their duties as responsible citizens.

The school premises looked attractively pleasing decked with ornate tri colour valley of flowers, pictures of valiant heroes of the freedom movement and the tri colour national flags. This year’s theme was dedicated to the Indian Armed Forces for their dedicated and selfless service ensuring the defence of the country and every part thereof.  The celebration commenced with hoisting of the national flag, while everyone sang the national anthem in a profound unison. Filled with love for the nation and true zest of being a proud Indian, the little ones articulated their strong will to stand by their loving country forever.

A gamut of activities was organised to infuse the essence of unity, brotherhood and patriotism amid the students. The students indulged in various art and craft activities making tri-colour headgears, dove birds and kites. The students also put up a short and soul-stirring dance presentation that showcased the chronicle of the valiant Queen ‘Rani Lakshmi Bai’ surmounting all odds. A dance presentation on the song Vijayotsava’ was also presented showcasing their love for their country and its rich legacy. The exuberance of all the performances touched all those present.

The highlight of the event was the ‘March Past Drill’ performed by students that exhibited the synchronised swing of arms and the sound of thudding feet coupled with the stirring marching drumbeats as they moved together. It was pleasing to see the harmonized movements, the crisp commands and the enthusiasm of the students that showed how close they came that worked in perfect symphony.

The event culminated with the harmonizing instrumental rendition of “Saare Jahan Se Acha” played by the school band and left the audience’ hearts filled with pride and glory for the nation.


It is said that a child’s world is a pleasing, brain-meltingly confusing mash-up of magic and reality. Manav Sthali Global School, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar holds the opinion that one way to support a child’s friendliness and build an everlasting bond of love and care is to create “Play Dates” amidst kids, parents and teachers alike. These play dates act as a curtain raiser to the formal learning expedition in the lives of all its students thus, helping parents to witness their child’s imagination progressively blooming in their nascent years. This year’s play date was themed as ‘FANTASY LAND’ which witnessed participation not only by children but also by their parents and public at large. The event was celebrated with great ardour and exuberance.

The magical world of fantasy buzzed in the school precincts with scintillating music, engaging activities, enthralling games and much more that led all children unleash, explore and express their joy. To ensure entertainment to its fullest level the school had also arranged for some recreational corners for the whiz kids like Mini Golf Course where this opulent sport offered a perfect gateway to strengthen ties and communication between children and parents; Sky Theatre Show that transported children into the world of moving planets, galaxies and clouds; Magic Show, Dance Beat Box, Reindeer Ring Toss, Holly Jolly Ball Game, Candyland Superette, Elven Tree House and Joyous Jump Arena to name a few. Keeping in mind how parents play the most pivotal part in shaping their child’s future a workshop was also organized that guided them of how they could recognize their wards’ passions and interests from an early age.

Nothing was more endearing than to watch all these charming wizards losing themselves completely in the world of fantasy; playing their favourite games and attending other free activities, like Pecha Kucha Story Sessions, Unstructured Toy-Time, Tattoo Crafting, Trampoline, Popsicle Stick Craft and much more. These activities provided children with an unforgettable euphoric experience. Students and the parent community collectively had a ball time all throughout the day.

With everyone enjoying as one big family, the fun fair was another feather in the cap of MSGS. The bright faces and happy smiles were ample proof that the play date was a grand success finally marking the occasion – as a fantastic and memorable event in the school’s annals!!


Manav Sthali Global School celebrated Janmashtami with great fervour, a festival that marks the birthday of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of God Vishnu. The festival is celebrated at midnight of ‘Ashtami’ or the eighth day of Krishna ‘Paksha’ in the month of ‘Shravana’, when Krishna is believed to have been born. Many customs and rituals are associated with the celebration of Janmashtami which were showcased by children of Classes IV and V who participated with great zeal. The show started with the beautiful and divine journey of different aspects of Lord Krishna’s life which are lesser known like the encounter of Lord Krishna with Bakasur and how he grabs Bakasura’s beak and breaks it in two, how Brahma approached the supreme Lord and offered prayers unto him, the importance of respecting our teachers and gurus through Shree Krishna’s teachings, about Nidhivan as a mystery land and last but not the least, the teachings presented through Bhagavad Gita, which promote the concepts of Dharma, Bhakti, Moksha. The various episodes from Shri Krishna’s life were depicted in the form of spectacular dance and drama. Everyone was able to learn and discover various aspects of Lord Krishna’s life. It was a cultural feast to everyone’s eyes. The administrator encouraged the children to follow the path of good Karma so that the results also would be good.


Journey of India through 75 Years

‘Let  your  spirits fly high with the Indian flag today.’

Manav Sthali Global School celebrated 75 years of Indian Independence with patriotic fervour and alacrity. The event commenced with the hoisting of the National Flag followed by the National Anthem.

The tiny – tots of Pre-Primary classes showcased their respect and love towards their nation by presenting beautiful songs and dances and expressed the joy of freedom. The festival encompassed the glimpses of the pride of freedom struggle. The students of classes VI and VII depicted the magnificent journey of our nation till date. A melodious symphony by the students awakened everyone’s feelings towards the motherland.   The famous speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’ touched everyone’s heart and the audience could get the vivid glimpses of Nehruji ‘s personality.  The mime act depicted the need for unity in diversity. It kindled a sense of love for our country and gave a message for harmony and brotherhood. The scintillating dance performance ‘On the Way to Progress’ energised the children as it took us down the memory lane of our glorious journey towards Independence. The talk show ‘We the People’ concretized the spirit of rising high as it presented the eminent Indian personalities from the field of education, science, agriculture and media who brought advancements and accomplishments in their field. The power-packed dance medley enthused everyone and stirred the patriotic zest.

 The message of ‘Her ghar Tiranga’ enthused everyone and most of the children honoured the Indian Flag at home in some way or the other.


Manav Sthali Global School recognizes the importance of sports and physical activity in every child’s life. Sports not just caters to a platform for exercise but is also vital in their socio-emotional growth.

With an intent to build self-worth, team spirit and assurance amongst our students, National Sports Day was celebrated with great solemnity and augustness. A special assembly was conducted on 29th August’22 in the honour of Hockey Wizard, Major Dhyan Chand. Children also honoured the feats of great athletes and sportspersons who have brought glory to the country with their performances at the national and international level.

A week-long fun – packed activities and games were organized for children that comprised of Hockey, Cricket, Elements of Dance Freeze, Balancing Balloon and several other drills and exercises. The Pre – Primary section also whirred with fun and excitement while indulging in different stimulating activities like Fit on the Line, Tossing a Giant Bean Bag and many more. It was indeed a delight to see all the mushrooming sports stars challenging themselves amidst thrills and cheers and simultaneously learning the benefits of goal-setting and practice. The teachers apprised all the students with the true meaning of sportsmanship of taking part in fair play, respecting opponents and officials, accepting defeat with grace and acknowledging victory without arrogance.


Students of Manav Sthali Global School celebrated ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas – Commemorating 23 Years of Glorious Victory!!‘ by paying homage to Kargil War Heroes of the Indian Armed Forces. A special assembly was conducted in remembrance of the gallant efforts and sacrifices of the country’s brave soldiers who took part in ‘Operation Vijay’. The day commenced with a prayer followed by a narrative assemblage by the teachers that inspired each student to be a part of nation-building.

Children of Grade VII captivated everyone with a soul stirring patriotic song ‘Sarfaroshi Ki Tammana Ab Humare Dil Main Hai”, accentuating on the spirit of patriotism and sacrifice in everyone’s hearts. This assembly truly highlighted the spirit of harmony, courage and selfless love for the country thus, sensitized children to recognize, remember and respect the contributions of all the country’s spirited defense personnel.