School shall remain closed on Wednesday, 17th July on account of Muharram. The school will reopen as usual on Thursday 18th July'24.     More we trade achievements not failures, values not needs. We are free of one another , yet we all grow together.
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Manav Sthali Global school, Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi organized their Annual Cultural show at Talkatora Indoor Stadium on 30th November 2019. The major item and the theme of the show was beautifully presented in the form of a colorful Dance Drama ‘Spectrum’- The Shades of Life. The concept of celebrating life at all stages, in spite of all the trials and tribulations one faces during one’s lifetime, was conveyed in four chapters, i.e., Childhood, Teenage, Adulthood and Old age (Age of Wisdom).

The show started with an inaugural dance- Namami Ganapati in semi classical form, followed by a Welcome song leading to the main event ‘Spectrum’ in all its splendor, showcasing dance, music, theatre, interspersed with Yoga, Zumba and Martial Arts like Taekwondo and Military training.

The two main protagonists of the Dance Drama conveyed that life has abundance of each colour, may it be joys or sorrows, failures or successes – in brief – every shade of existence. But life is indeed majestic because our very existence is a blessing and it needs to be lived happily to the fullest even during one’s sunset years, as age is just a number. Everyone should celebrate life while fulfilling one’s duty towards the family and the society, because like wise people say life isn’t about how you survived the storm, it’s about how you danced in the storm.

The Chief Guest for the programme Mrs. Swati Singh, wife of Shri Parvesh Sahib Singh, Member of Parliament, BJP, addressed the huge gathering by rightly advising the parents to allow their children to engage in something they love doing rather than pressurizing them to do what they do not like doing without putting their heart and soul into it. This will make them strong, happy and well-developed persons who will be able to give their best to the society and the country. Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar, Chairman of the School and Mrs. Rashmi Malik, from SPIC MACAY, graced the occasion with their benign presence and motivated the children.

All the children of the school from classes Nursery to VII participated in the programme which culminated into a lively, foot tapping, jubilant dance celebrating life. The parents, grandparents and the visiting dignitaries gave a thunderous applause to each performance which inspired the children and teachers immensely.

Diligence, perseverance and grit hone the talent into skills


Manav Sthali Global School conducted project shows for Classes VI and VII. These projects showcased the talent and potential of each student with the guidance of their respective teachers.

Trailblazers of class VI presented shows on two recognized and alluring countries of France and Germany depicting their rich culture and heritage. They represented it through poems, folk dances and power point presentations. The concept of ‘Women Empowerment’ was highlighted through performance. It portrayed the importance of recognizing and acknowledging our she -roes. An act on ‘Zero Wastage’ gave a message with a performance.

 Musketeers of class VII presented an informative show on environmental friendly topic like ‘Beat the plastic’. It depicted the causes, effects and solutions of plastic pollution. It made people aware of the hazardous effects of plastic on living creatures. Importance of ‘E -Commerce’ in today’s fast paced times showcased the journey of its founders, procedures, pros and cons and its impact on everyday life. The play ‘Namak ka Daroga’, a famous act written by Munshi Premchand, showcased rampant corruption in some areas of the society. The students presented an inspiring story ‘Resurgence- A River Reborn’ about Dr Rajendra Singh who wanted to save mankind by building ‘Johads’ – a system that protects the water from the mountains to flow into the rivers, thus making a way for the water to be stored underground.

In the process children imbibed various good qualities like team work, coordination, respect for each other and they also learnt to face the challenges of day to day life. The students participated in their development like Character building, spiritual and moral values, physical growth and creativity. It helped them to boost their confidence and utilise all the sources around them.

URJA 2018
Award Ceremony
Athletic Events

Manav Sthali Global School organized the Award Presentation Ceremony for the winners of the Athletic Events of URJA 2018- the school’s Sports Day, on Monday, 26th March 2018.The position holders were awarded with Medals and Certificates. There were a number of Athletic Events- 100m Race, 50m Race, Backthrow, and 50 X 4 Relay Race. The Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to the top three positions respectively. The students had demonstrated good team spirit and sportsmanship during the Sports Day.



Manav Sthali Global School, New Rajendra Nagar conducted its Sports Day-URJA 2018, on Saturday, 24th February’18 at Chhatrasal Stadium, Delhi. The programme was an amalgam of Cultural display and Athletic events. The Guest of Honour, Shri R.P. Singh, National Secretary, Bhartiya Janta Party inaugurated the event and accepted the Guard of Honour presented by the seven contingents in the March Past. The Welcome Address and the School Report was followed by the captivating performance by school orchestra and enchanting group songs which delighted the audience.

The little fairies and the young yogis mesmerized the audience with their dance and yoga aasanas.The ‘All Girl’ group presented the fusion of contemporary music and classical dance which left the audience spellbound. The young Manav Sthalians produced an electrifying Kaleidoscope of Sports-Sportathon, an integrated display of dance and sports. Presentations of taekwondo- Self Defence Martial Art and Zumba Aerobics workout enthralled the audience.

The Cultural Finale-‘Celebration of Life’ symbolized the connection of life with the universe. The students through their formations and movements aided by the grand props showcased the rich cultural heritage and art of our country. The stadium filled with spontaneous applause amidst sea of Proud Manav Sthali students and teachers. Various Fun Relays- Balancing the Ball, Dressing for a Party, Skip n Log, Tunnel Ball and Military Training were held.

That was followed by Athletic Events-Hurdle Race, 100m Race, Relay Race and Back Throw. The children participated with enthusiastic zeal and displayed exemplary sportsman spirit. The much awaited Tug of War between the girls and boys was won by the former, symbolizing the rise of Girl Power. The stadium decor was vibrant and alluring with multiple hues of the sun’s spectrum. The energizing and the fulfilling event concluded with the singing of National Anthem.