School shall remain closed on Wednesday, 17th July on account of Muharram. The school will reopen as usual on Thursday 18th July'24.     More we trade achievements not failures, values not needs. We are free of one another , yet we all grow together.
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Unlocking Joyful Learning Experiences – THE ART OF LEARNING PROGRAM

At the heart of the school’s Academic Program lies a commitment to creating an enjoyable and stress-free learning environment. Through the Progressive Learning Programme – ART OF LEARNING, students are encouraged to develop a genuine passion for education. This approach fosters a platform for honing individual skills and nurturing inherent talents across diverse disciplines.

Through thoughtfully designed activities, presentations, and projects, scholars engage in a learning experience that enhances Higher Order Thinking Abilities and “Problem-Solving Skills.” In alignment with NEP 2020, the program employs a holistic assessment approach that values students’ daily performance and achievements. Recognition is offered through Appreciation and Merit Certificates, celebrating students’ achievements and encouraging them to pursue their passions with enthusiasm.

By focusing on individual strengths and accomplishments, this innovative educational approach sets the stage for each student’s future growth and success.