School shall remain closed on Wednesday, 17th July on account of Muharram. The school will reopen as usual on Thursday 18th July'24.     More we trade achievements not failures, values not needs. We are free of one another , yet we all grow together.
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“Look long enough and deep enough and you will find a new learning in everything around you – may it be a plant, a tree, a garden, blue sky or sunshine filtering through the windows or the chirping of the birds.”

   For children, it is easy to find wonders in a myriad of things. They observe, think, get inquisitive, explore and reach their own conclusions.   In today’s global scenario, each child needs experiential learning, strong value system and confidence enough to develop into an outstanding individual. At Manav Sthali Global School, academics, physical activities, knowledge based skills and technology play a pivotal role in the overall growth and development of the child.

    The future belongs to today’s budding children, who with equal partnership between teachers and parents can transform their dreams into reality.

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